Lithotherm-Formplatte LITHOTHERM is a moulded panel made of clay or Eifellava. It is ideal as a dry screed in new buildings and it is also frequently used for renovating old buildings.

LITHOTHERM® key concepts - Idea

  • Recovery of valuable resources
  • Clay or Eifellava as a material conditions and regulates moisture in the living area
  • The minimum use of energy for the greatest comfort
  • Hitherto unsurpassed acoustic engineering
  • Assembly is fast and dry
  • LITHOTHERM creates ecological well-being

LITHOTHERM: Development and Production
Hans Loss
Schendlingerstr. 36
6900 Bregenz
T 05574/77379
F 05574/82771


A description of the LITHOTHERM form plate is available in the form of a brochure:
Lithotherm-English.pdf Version: 04.2015


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